What is Poly Bag?

Poly Bag

A poly bag refers to any bag made of plastic, although it most often refers to polyethylene (PE), the most common type of plastic used worldwide.

Many types of poly bags are suitable for packaging and shipping items. Knowing the purposes for different poly bag types is important to suit your needs.

But before we cover what a poly bag is, let’s cover these points:

  • Poly bags are lightweight and inexpensive alternatives to cardboard boxes.
  • Most poly bags manufactured today use recyclable materials, limiting the environmental impact.

Custom Poly Bag

Poly bag can be customized with different colors. printed logos, and also dimensions. Poly bags not only keep your product secure during shipping but are a great way to feature your brand  on the packaging, making your business stand out from the competitors. 

Many customers opt for custom-sized poly bag that precisely match their product’s dimensions.

Custom poly bags can help make an excellent first impression on new customers and even help you build a loyal customer base.


Polypropylene (PP) is a high-clarity transparent plastic used to present and showcase its contents while also protecting them from moisture and corrosion. It is also robust and flexible. For example, food industry uses PP bags to package perishable foods, such as dried fruit, nuts, candy or confectionery, because they allow consumers to clearly see the products inside. 


Polypropylene (PP) is a flexible, durable, and tear-resistant plastic used to showcase its products while also protecting mostly for heavy duty products. For example, manufacturing industry uses PE bags to package heavy items, such as industrial machining parts, automotive parts, because they can support the weight of the products better.

Typically, the thickness or PE bag is around 0.2mm to 0.8mm

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