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It takes a lot of hard work, great teamwork people, and suitable machineries to make something simple, to truly understand the underlying needs and come up with suitable solutions for your needs.

Jaya Mandiri Packaging

Founded in early 90s in Jelambar–Jakarta, Indonesia by Mrs. Paula Layanto initially as sales and trader in packaging industry. We became a Perusahaan Terbatas (PT) in 2016.

Jaya Mandiri Packaging is company that is growing in the packaging industry, specifically in “converting” (or called mini-box) corrugated carton box and also polybag.

We offer Job Order products (Customized products upon request), where we produce according to the specified needs. It means, we have the ability to be robust and adapt with your personalized requirements.

In 2023, we pursue retail customers with the Digital Printing Machinery to support the retail needs.

In Early 2024, we add our variation by adding Pre-Opened Plastic Bags on Roll to support our customers for being more efficient and cost effective.

120 tons of Carton Box
in 2022

280 tons of Polybag
in 2022

1123 Deliveries
in 2022

148 SKU of Products
in 2022

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We’re bringing together people, ideas, and resources to deliver products, solution, and ways of operating that build sustainable businesses and communities.

Ms. Paula Layanto



Paula Layanto (1955-2020)

Board of Directors

Eva Juwita Harianto


Ezra Andhika Wimandjaya

Operational Director

Management Team

Nia Hartati



General Affair



Mumuh Munandar

PPIC Carton Box


Warehouse CB

Aji Judin

PPIC Polybag

Siti Nurjanah

Sales and Marketing

Annisa Rizkiani

Business Development


Creative Design

Ana Khoiriyah


Family Member


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